About Me

I have always loved the outdoors. When I was younger I did a lot of camping, fishing, and hiking. I still enjoy these things when I can find time for them. I guess my true passion is simply enjoying the great outdoors. When I am out in the woods, or on a lake, or along the banks of some stream, all of life’s problems and worries seem to disappear. I love the tranquility and the beauty that I find everywhere in nature. I believe that God created nature for us to enjoy, and as a means of relaxing both the body and the mind.

I have owned a camera since I was old enough to push the shutter button, but through most of my life it was mostly used to capture memories of vacations. All I knew how to do was point the camera in the direction of what I liked and shoot. I never had a good film camera, just cheap automatic point and shoots. Back then my photos were just snapshots.

In 2001, I decided to see what the new digital cameras could do. I bought a fully automatic Kodak. In 2004, I upgraded to an Olympus digital that allowed me to use shutter or aperture priority, so I began to study up on what shutter speeds and aperture settings do. In 2005, I decided it was time to get a digital SLR camera, so I bought an Olympus E-500. With this I could now use complete manual settings. That is when I decided I wanted to learn all I could about photography so I could use it to share my passion for the outdoors. I have upgraded my camera twice since then, and currently shoot with an Olympus E-5.

I joined in 2005 as a means of learning, and have taken several of their courses. In 2013 I completed a correspondence course on photography from Stratford Career Institute. I continue to try to learn all I can to help me create beautiful images of nature.

My photographic goal is to produce images that show the peacefulness and beauty of nature, and that others will want to display on the walls of their homes or businesses.

Thank you for visiting my website, and I hope you enjoy looking through the gallery.